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what I wish Siri could do

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I have an assistant that handles file chores on my computer. It can finish a chore in 3 minutes that would otherwise take one hour. This python class (file_bot_pdf) is called ‘bot’ (Figure 1). I present it here as a pre-Christmas gift to those who may find it useful, useless, cute, boring, or nerdy.

Chores are must-do tasks that are repetitive and not fun. My recent top 4 file-related chores are: searching for files, deleting files, copying files to folders, and merging pdfs. In a bizarrely isolated 2020, I find myself talking to Siri more. I am annoyed with Siri…

When our impression and data collide …

Photo design by Tiantian Yuan

The story:
The motivation of this analysis comes from a random comment I heard after the Nobel Prize announcements 2020. The comment was that women seemed to win Nobel Prizes at relatively younger ages than men. Then they listed a few female winners of recent years as supporting evidence, including ‘Malala Yousafzai’, who won the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 17, and this year’s winners for Physics and Chemistry. My first reaction was that this was a hand-wavy statement based on cherry-picking evidence, hence unlikely to be true.

Before you cast an opinion of your own, allow…

Tiantian Yuan

Astrophysicist, Data Scientist, Barista. Have a growth mindset and deeply curious about the world. My decisions are driven by data and humanity.

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